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Cinnamon Girls

If your in need of a great vegan dessert to bring to a friend’s home, work event or family party, Cinnamon Girls will fit the bill nicely.  While I am predominantly a fruitarian myself, I don’t see anything wrong with indulging in the more rich plant-based foods once in a blue moon. This recipe is by Matt Amsden from his book “Rawvolution”,  although I do not believe this recipe to be raw due to the fact that agave nectar is never really raw. Extracting the agave from the plant involves heating, so I think raw is pushing it a bit. But regardless of whether it is raw or not, this is a tasty vegan dessert which is always received well at gatherings. So let’s get started….

Grab a mixing bowl and toss in the almonds (finely ground in a food processor), cinnamon, salt and raisins. I like to chop the raisins slightly in a food processor as well. Whether you prefer organic or conventional ingredients is up to you. Mix all the dry ingredients well. Add the agave and olive oil next and mix until you form a dough like consistency. Now its rolling time. Roll them a bit smaller than ping pong balls using either your hands or a table. The mix is very rich so you don’t want to be handing out tennis ball sized Cinnamon Girls to people! This is more of a delicate small taste kind of dessert. You can roll some of them in coconut flakes as well to make them varied and have a slightly different taste and texture. I prefer them this way personally. Now move to your refrigerator and your done. I prefer them cold because they firm up and have the consistency of chocolate.


Cinnamon Girls Ingredients