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Raw Vegan Foods for Long-Term Health and Weight loss

“Long-term consistency trumps short term intensity.” – Bruce Lee

AVD Bruce Lee’s moto can be applied to all aspects of life, but it is especially important when it comes to diet. In life we must plan a path and follow it consistently and long-term in order to achieve any results. When it comes to health, transitioning to a high carb, predominantly raw vegan diet will allow you to become leaner and healthier over time. Many fad diets that claim to be able to transform you in 60 or 90 days will never last because these “shock” type dietary methods can’t be sustained over the long haul. Instead, you should adopt a healthy way of eating that can be maintained year after year so you will avoid this see-sawing effect.

There are currently a multitude of absurd fads that people attempt in order to get healthy. The starvation approach is always a popular route many take every year before summer. Apps like MyFitnessPal let you punch in desired weight loss and then it adjusts your daily food allotment to sometimes crazy numbers 1200 calories. This approach allows you to eat the same sickening and fattening foods that got you in this mess, but much less daily. This approach seems like a win / win to most of us but is wrong on every level. We rationalize it because this appraoch allows you to eat the same sickening and fattening foods that you are used to, but much less daily. If these foods contributed to your slow demise over the years, why would you continue to eat them at all? Does this make sense to you? Generally the added weight will be back by winter for most choosing this path anyhow.

Another popular approach to weight loss is an Atkin’s type diet (Paleo etc) which champions consuming predominantly cholesterol and fat laden animal products that put you in a state of ketosis to quickly burn fat. This approach to rapid weight loss can do lasting damage to your cardiovascular system and heart.  No physician would recommend this type of wellness program. We also have juice cleanses that can last for up to a month with nothing else entering your body but juiced fruits and vegetables. Sure you will lose weight but the weight will eventually rebound back. This approach is basically starvation.  All of these gimmicks are short term intensity approaches and are not sustainable.  We are a culture of people who desire results now, but these methods will never give you long lasting health, fitness and a stronger immune system.

The issue isn’t that we have to count calories every second of the day for health, but rather that we need to consume the correct foods made for us and give it time to take effect. Eating a predominantly raw vegan low fat diet with some some cooked vegan foods will result in improved health, increased vitality and weight loss over the long term. Adding a consistent exercise program wouldn’t hurt either. Long-term high carb, low fat vegans are generally lean and look years younger than their actual age. Traditional plant based society’s who eat mainly fruits and vegetables with small portions of animal products monthly are statistically lean and vibrant people as well.

I don’t think the question now is whether a plant based diet works for better health and weight management, but how to transition from a standard American diet to a vegan diet. There is a great book listed on my homepage called “Becoming Raw” that will get you started learning about the benefits of raw vegan foods. Even if you are not going to be 100 % raw or even vegan for that matter, it is a great place to start learning about the lifestyle that will re-energize your life.

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