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The Selling of Veganism to America

AVDThere are many different types of vegans in the world today. Some adhere to this lifestyle for animal rights, others because of health issues and some for environmental issues. Truthfully, there are probably many more subcategories that I don’t even know about. The information online is all over the place regarding what being a vegan is all about. Some blog about animal cruelty and hunting in Africa, others write about blueberries and their high antioxidant levels, while others discuss the effects that factory animal farms have on the greenhouse effect. Everyone approaches this lifestyle from so many different angles and views that it is hard to keep up with what this lifestyle is all about.

Peta protestOver the years I have come to believe that the most convincing argument for someone to move to a vegan lifestyle is for optimal human health. Why? Because we are a very self absorbed species when you think about it so the thought of living longer and with more vigor is a very enticing reason to live this way. Everything else will fall into place if we all went vegan or at least ate very little amounts of animal products. There would be little discussion of animal cruelty and abuse when no one is consuming animals but rather a whole food, plant based diet (WFPB). There would be little discussion of animal testing once it is clear to everyone that putting synthetic, processed chemicals on your skin (the largest organ of your body) is probably not the best idea for your long-term health. I believe people are more likely to follow a path that first and foremost benefits themselves rather than our planet or the animals for that matter.  This is human nature unfortunately.

All people want to feel good about themselves and a proper WFPB vegan diet is the best way to maintain proper body weight and for personal vibrance, longevity and happiness.  Many activist sites and blogs promote health last, animals first but I believe sometimes you have to tackle a problem sideways to get the results you desire. How can we promote a diet to someone that is not healthy for them, but yet saves someone else? This doesn’t sound like the correct marketing campaign really. It is short sighted and  is the reason why so many jump back to consuming animal products. You might be saying “What do you mean, A vegan diet is proper for humans”. Well a “proper” vegan WFPB diet is proper yes, but not a diet of processed vegan foods being promoted by many. I read columns and blogs about the new processed Daiya cheese, or the new “vegan chicken” made with soy isolates (bad news for your health). Come on over to the vegan side is the message,  we have the same foods just even more processed and bad for you and your family’s health.

The approach I see all to often in many vegan circles is based on the concept of “Do what you gotta do to save the animals”. Is this really what it’s all about? Pulling the wool over peoples eyes to get them to buy into this even though it is no better and sometimes worse for their health?

veggie dogs

Today you will find more and more vegan alternatives to meat based products in your local supermarket. These processed vegan foods offer no health benefits though.

The whole modern day vegan movement seems to be increasingly about corporate bucks and generating revenue and less about the main thrust of why you should go vegan, this is the proper diet for human health and longevity. We must understand that in the long term, people will suffer from a lifestyle of processed vegan junk just as they have on a life of animal products. Maybe a little less who knows but surely this is not a great way to live. Some, but not all vegan activists, look at your health as a side-note, and are more interested in you devoting your life to saving the animals. This mixed message doesn’t have to happen. Being a proper vegan is first accepting the fact that the fruits and vegetables are the foods for us. It is accepting the fact the synthetic chemicals have no place in or on our bodies. It is accepting the fact that our modern day medicines, pills and potions are just plain madness and not going to bring you wellness but rather sickness. It is seeing through this corporate push to make everything “vegan” with little regard for human health. We are just trading one form of sickness for another really. In the end the movement will not be sustainable with this approach. This will provide a short term bump for animal rights activists, but is not going to work for long term progress.

I have watched my share of animal cruelty films and I have to say if they don’t jar you, nothing in life will. But what brought me to this lifestyle was the thought that maybe this is the way we are supposed to eat and the animal abuse occurring throughout the world is unnecessary. It took some time, but once my mind was made up there was no going back. But like many I became a junk food vegan at first. I was binging on prepacked goods, soy burgers, bagged and boxed foods and nuts all day. I have to say I wasn’t feel so great. I would not have lasted much longer than a few months, even for the animals sake, if I didn’t dig deeper to see what was going wrong here. What I was doing wrong was putting the raw fruits and vegetables aside while going straight for the “happy meal” vegan diet that many still promote.


Human foods for vitality and longevity.

Everyone’s first concern when turning to veganism is whether this is the proper diet for humans, because if it is, logic asks “Why the hell are we doing all of this to these animals”.  You see, people in America still believe you need animals in your diet to be healthy. Protein, protein, protein is being thrust down there throats by corporate interests. This doesn’t make them bad people, just not well educated on the topic of human physiology. We can’t forget this mindset is widespread. My feeling is that many ethical vegans do not want to be on a whole food, plant based diet maybe and this is why they are consuming alot of processed junk for the animals sake. While this is noble, it strays far from the core of what this is all about. Yes, as vegans we are outraged by how animals are treated on this planet. But even for the activist, promoting the health that can be obtained by a whole foods, plant based diet is the best way to get to the goal of diminishing animal cruelty.

Veganism was never ours to create. It simply is natural for human beings not to consume animals. It is not normal behavior for humans to eat animals or drink their secretions.  We don’t have the anatomy for this nor the instincts for this type of behavior. This is why we have factories that take care of this for us. By doing what is natural, consuming a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, we are healthier and happier beings, and the animals are left alone. To get to a world free of animal factory farms, we need to push this approach. There would be no vegans really if our population was all on a plant based diet because they understood it’s benefits. No need for big pharma either!  What a world that would be!


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